Seneca Park 

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Coordinates: 38 ° 14 ′ 11 ″ N 85 ° 40 ′ 27 ″ W/

38.23650 ° N 85.67410 ° W/ 38.23650; -85.67410 Seneca Park was the last park created by Frederick Law Olmsted’s company in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The park system in Louisville was the last of 5 created by the Olmsted company. The park lives in the Louisville neighborhood of Seneca Gardens, Kentucky.The park has been upgraded throughout the years to include toilets and playground equipment that supplements a myriad of trails for individuals or horses.

According to The Trust for Public Land, Seneca Park has 500,000 visitors yearly, making it connected for the 69th most popular municipal park in the United States.

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