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Wexford (Irish: Loch Garman) is the county town of County Wexford, Ireland. Wexford lies on the south side of Wexford Harbour, the estuary of the River Slaney near the southeastern corner of the island of Ireland. The town is connected to Dublin by the M11/N11 National Primary Route; and to Rosslare Europort, Cork and Waterford by the N25. The national rail network connects it to Dublin and Rosslare Europort. It had a population of 20,188 according to the 2016 census.

The town was established by the Vikings in about 800 AD. They named it Veisafjǫrðr, implying “inlet of the mudflats”, and the name has actually altered only somewhat into its present form. According to a story tape-recorded in the Dindsenchas, the name “Loch Garman” originates from a male called Garman mac Bomma Licce who was chased to the river mouth and drowned as an effect of stealing the queen’s crown from Temair throughout the feast of Samhain.

For about 3 a century it was a Viking town, a city-state, largely independent and owing only token charges to the Irish kings of Leinster. Nevertheless, in May 1169 Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster and his Norman ally, Robert Fitz-Stephen, besieged Wexford. The Norse occupants withstood increasingly up until the Bishop of Ferns encouraged them to accept a settlement with Dermot.

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